Model shooting. When i started to take pictures I had no idea or plan about shooting people or models, but a friend told me to try and i have been doi...

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TFP models og locations

IMG_2468 as Smart Object-1

Please let me know if you have any request for this. My plan is to share some nice tutorials I find on the net, almost like sharing my bookmarks here ...

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Tips and tricks

ScreenHunter_20 Aug. 28 17.51

Here will come some info on the music videos i have somehow been an part of the creation of… After Canon made video avaible in canon’s 5d ...

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Music videos


I might start to review variuos equipment to help people select what they need and off course i will share others review of stuff...

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Equipment reviews


Fstoppers Fotostart (in danish) Pbase /luminous landscape Fredmiranda...

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Useful links