Here will come some info on the music videos i have somehow been an part of the creation of…

After Canon made video avaible in canon’s 5d mk II I have had the option to record video and as I like music, I find it great to make music videos.
First video I was join around to see how this was made, so i had to option to join the shooting of this video with Scarwrist and Chelle.

Scarwrist feat. Chelle – Pleasure Seekers

The video was planned and shot with approx 30 hours as Chelle was of to Mallorca the next morming, think we ended at 02 am

As video is much more work and planning i should be krediting alot og people here, but I will skip this and hope most the credits is on the various videos.
As I had now seen how to – I had to try, so we had the option to shoot a musicvideo for Chelle and after a few days of shoot and millions of issues going wrong and almost as many not planned showing up we managed to get this video done.

The Starfuckerz feat. Chelle

I have for a few years been a member of the events/party crew for a former danish clothing compagny – Ross manns Destiny. A part off their options, was to get a tv program made about them as a small season. When episodes was being cut, it ended that a song from Manne to a ex girl friend got major focus in one of these and he would like to have a video made for this song. We had just 1 week for doing this, including planning, scouting locations, cutting and graining. We almost made it and I am still proud about the team we got together to make it. But unfortunately the final soundtrack was not deliverd as plan, so we used a few more days, but stuff going other than plan/expected is apperantly a part of the making of videoes 😉

Manne – Kom videre

Via RD I got to know Ronnie Garner and was happy to make a bit crazy video for forfra bagfra tune. Recording in 2 evnings in a bit cold taastrup

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 29 20.40
Ronnie garner – Forfra bagfra

to be continue (still a few videoes missing here and new is being planned)

Love truck –

The potato Smash

Linse Kessler og Ronni Garner – knallert

ronni + linse